Who We Are


Hello! Thanks so much for your interest in my beautiful and delicious cake art!  I am Heather Singleton: Cake mom, cake wife, cake connoisseur, and lover of all things sweet, bright, sparkly, covered in sprinkles,unique, and cupcakey !!! (yes that’s my word) 

8 years ago I started making cakes for family after watching hours of cake decorating shows and not knowing that I had found my true passion and talent in life! As a young stay-at-home mom, it was so nice to work from home and take care of my two precious children. Now they are both in school and I’m still going stronger then ever!! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do! 

I get such a thrill learning new techniques and getting the chance to be creative with my work. My favorite part is creating something that the client has imagined and bringing it to life! Spreading joy and making people smile means everything to me. It’s such an honor to have been able to be so blessed to be a part of so many peoples’ special moments in their lives. I have always had a love and talent for creating artwork, sewing, crafting, painting, and making gifts for my family and friends. I truly feel that my unyielding enthusiasm of art and baking is the perfect recipe for success. 

I take pride in every single cake and cupcake that I make and view it as a reflection of myself as not only a baker, but also as an artist. At Party Delights, I strive to give my clients exactly what they want on their special day, and also knock your socks off with how good it tastes!! Everything I do is made from scratch, love and devotion. All my treats are made fresh and NEVER EVER frozen!!! I believe cake should taste as good as it looks!

I cannot wait to keep going on this journey and bringing smiles to endless faces! My clients are the best!!! I love you all and thank you for believing in me and pushing me to grow!

Special thanks goes out to my wonderful husband who has always supported my journey and dreams…and to my kids who’ve given up so much of their “fun” life to be a part of this busy business….I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

~~OH ANY HEY—-MEET MY BETTER CAKEY HALF, the AMAZING Tiffani~~~ She is everything I could hope for in an employee, baker, assistant, and most of all, my bestest friend in the world! She and I LOVE YOU GUYS!! We can’t wait to allow you to “TREAT YO SELF”

Hi Sweeties! I am Tiffani Averette, Heather’s cake assistant, decorator, & sista from another mista. I started loving cakes & baking at an early age, being in the kitchen with my MeMe. I truly found my passion during culinary school at the Chefs Academy, where I graduated with my Associates Degree in Applied Science in Pastry Arts in 2015.
Heather and I found each other in March of 2018 and I have absolutely LOVED it here ever since. I truly wouldn’t want it any other way, we are just riding this crazy train till the end! I have gained not only a pretty SWEET boss, but a BEST friend that always brings the crazy out of me.
We at Party Delights strive to make y’all the best desserts possible, from cakes to cupcakes to cheesecakes to EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH! 🙂 We hope to see you guys soon!